Meanings Of Traditional Funeral And Sympathy Flowers

White color flowers are the most commonly present at funerals. Read about the traditional Sympathy flower for funeral arrangements to represents honor, peace, and innocence.

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Picking out flowers has always been an overwhelming task for many of us. It’s so because flowers of every kind are packed with crucial and unique significance. Therefore, when it comes to picking a flower arrangement for a loved one who has passed away, the job becomes extremely difficult. In such situations, deciphering funeral flowers' meanings and choosing one that will help us properly express our feelings and honor the deceased becomes very important. Below, there’s a list of traditional funeral flowers laid out for you that will assist you in selecting the appropriate funeral and sympathy flower arrangements.

5 Popular traditional Sympathy flower for funeral arrangements

1. Lily

If you want to go with the most traditional funeral flower meaning sympathy, then you should opt for white lilies. This blossom has, for a long time, been associated with innocence and purity. And when added to a funeral bouquet, lilies symbolize that the soul of the deceased is resting in peace.

2. Gladioli

Do you remember the deceased person as someone who was cheerful, moral, sincere, and strong? If so, then you should use a bouquet of gladiolus blossoms to pay your homage to them. Gladiolus as a sympathy flower symbolizes admiration and remembrance. Furthermore, at such difficult times, gladioli lets you express your feelings that denote you’re sending strength to the deceased's family members.

3. Orchids

Was the person who passed away very dear to you? Then you should express your condolences to them with pink or white orchid flowers. Because orchids are sympathy plants meaning that the deceased was one of your extremely close loved ones, and you are telling them "I will always love you". Furthermore, these blossoms allow you to portray your compassion and sympathy towards the bereaved family.

4. Roses

Because of its multiple variations, a rose fits every ceremony, including a funeral. If you’re thinking of choosing this bloom for your sympathy bouquet, then you should go with either red, pink, or white ones. Using the classic, deep red roses will indicate that you had immense love for the person who passed away. It will also highlight the grief and sorrow that you feel at the loss. The pink roses will help you express your gratitude to the dead. And using the white roses, you can express the deep respect that you had for the deceased. Apart from these, you can also use yellow roses to indicate the deep connection you had with the person who now rests in peace. In fact, you won’t even have to get out of your house to look for these flowers. You can get all these variations of roses delivered right to your doorstep from Hemet CA Flower Store online.

5. Forget-Me-Not

If you want to express your feelings of true respect and admiration for the person who passed away, then you should opt for these tiny blooms. This bloom, the forget-me-not, will help you portray your heartfelt feeling towards the deceased, that they will always be there in your thoughts and you will never forget them.

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