List Of Popular Flower Is For Father's Day

Father’s day is celebrated every year on the 3 rd Sunday of June. Father’s Day celebration is different around the globe but one thing remains common to all flowers. Check the list of popular Flower for Father's Day.

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Father’s day is celebrated every year on the 3rd Sunday of June. It was started by Sorona Smart, daughter of William Jackson, a civil war veteran. She was inspired by the idea of Women’s day and wanted to have something for Dads. Fathers day is meant to honor father hood and celebrate the paternal bond. Father’s Day celebration is different around the globe but one thing remains common to all, flowers. Flowers are a heartening surprise that puts a smile on your face.

1. Rose

    The official flower for father’s day, in colors red and white. Roses always work amazingly well with all occasions. You can go for a hand tied or bouquet arrangement. For an added effect you can arrange it in a tall vase.

    2. Tulips

      A cup like bloom, this flower comes in various shades of goodness. Tulips are commonly seen around spring, but you can get your hands on assorted tulips as a special Father's day gift idea.

      3. Daisies

        These are commonly spotted in colors of yellow and white, but they have a huge variety. For Father's day flowers you can go for fresh and crisp feeling yellow daisies. If you wish to keep it low key go for white gerbera daisies with hints of yellow fillers.

        4. Sunflowers

          Bold and alluring, sunflowers make a wonderful centerpiece especially in the summer. With its bright yellow color it fills any room with warmth and light. Sunflowers are huge, getting their stem a trim and organizing them in a cylindrical vase would be a functional option.

          5. Carnations

            Blooming in a cluster of petals, carnations make a great light weight flower arrangement. You can go for white and pink flowers for a pop of sweet color, you can arrange it in a bouquet wrapped in burlap or in a circular vase for a fuller appearance.

            6. Peace Lily

              This works both ways, like a flower and a plant. Easy to nurture and just as pleaning. Peace lily blooms with a unique cup like flower and a tall yellow stigma. Peace lilies are known for their positivity.

              7. Orchids

                A flower that you cannot go wrong with, Orchids are a classic for when you don’t know what flowers to give. Known for their alluring shape and soft colors. Orchids are a symbol of beauty and wealth.

                8. Dahlia

                  Another bold flower, this can act as a center of your bouquet, this is an out of the ordinary pick, you would just need a couple of them with some leaves and you are all done.

                  9. Oriental Lilies

                    There is a huge family of lilies out there, and you can go with anyone that makes your eyes shine. But oriental lilies are just perfect as they grow right around summer and have a lovely scent.

                    10. Birds of paradise

                      A tropical classic, known for its one of a kind shape and design. This is a marvel flower that gives you vacation vibes.

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