Guide to Seasonal Summer Wedding Flowers

Discover the perfect blooms for your summer nuptials. From vibrant sunflowers to elegant peonies, explore top seasonal picks, color trends, and expert tips to create a stunning floral atmosphere on your special day.

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Summer weddings are synonymous with vibrant colors, warmth, and the beauty of blooming flowers. Choosing the right flowers for your summer wedding can enhance the atmosphere, complement your theme, and create memorable floral arrangements. Whether you’re planning a beachside celebration, a garden wedding, or an elegant indoor affair, here’s a guide to the best wedding flower ideas for summer to consider:

Popular Wedding Flowers in Summer Season

1. Roses

Summertime flowers such as roses cannot easily go out of fashion because they are suitable for use in occasions such as weddings. They are available in different colours; the traditional white, the princess pink, the daring red, and the cheerful yellow. Rose: These flowers which are beautiful owing to their soft and juicy petals and also come with a wonderful aroma are typically used in summer wedding flower arrangements such as in the making of bouquets and centerpieces.

2. Peonies

These flowers with summer flowers delivery Hemet CA are very popular because of their impressive size, beautifully velvet-looking petals, and subtlety of the smell. They come in white, pink, coral, and deep shades of red, so they are perfect for wedding greedy and passionate bouquets. Peonies last long and are in bloom in late spring and early summer making it incorporate a royal feeling to your wedding.

3. Dahlias

Dahlia’s with Wedding Flower Delivery Hemet CA are amazing flowers that bloom in the summer, and the majority of the varieties have a very resplendent petal configuration. There are big and small, the pom-pom ones and the dinner plate ones, amongst other classifications. The common colors are white, pink, and purple, and bright colors such as orange and burgundy provide variety for floral arrangements.

4. Sunflowers

Sunflowers are also fabulous for a fresh and country-inspired feel which is perfect for summer weddings. With their yellow color and extra large size they create a lot of contrast in bouquets or centerpieces and you can easily get them with Flower Delivery San Jacinto, CA. You prefer [sunflowers as your wedding flowers because] they depict happiness and long life; they will make your special day happy.

5. Hydrangeas

It is hard to name a more famous summer flower than hydrangeas with their large inflorescence baskets. It can be purchased in white, blue, pink, and purple hues and for this reason, can easily blend in terms of color. They can also be used as standalone flowers with Flower Delivery Hemet CA to make stunning bouquets or in bouquets with other flowers to give that romantic feel.

6. Lilies

Lilies are distinguished flowers that give a wedding held in summer an elite touch. Lilies are also preferred in the Oriental type, which has big flowers that emit a sweet smell. White, pink, and yellow ones are mostly available and with their sweet scent, they add elegance to bridal bouquets and flower arrangements.

7. Gerbera Daisies

Popular for its bright colors, Gerbera daisies are lovely flowers used to brighten up the atmosphere. Because of their colorful-vivid shades and large flowers, they are suitable for being included in wedding arrangements and serving as decorations on the table. Gerbera daisies’ meaning is associated with purity and innocence, which brings a touch of joy and childishness to the theme.

8. Orchids

Summer weddings cannot get any more royal and exotic with these fantastic flowers, the orchids. There are many types of orchids; the most common are the cascading ones like the Phalaenopsis which is normally used in bridal bouquets and tall vase arrangements. White, pink, and purple are the colors of orchids that lend a contemporary and elegant theme to the floral arrangements of your wedding.

Deciding on the right summer wedding flowers requires you to get flowers that are perfect for you and the environment you want to set on your wedding day. From the traditional red roses to the ever-popular peonies; sunflowers that you may think of as children’s flowers, or even the intricate orchid, every flower at Hemet Florist gives a certain little something for your wedding decorations. Coordinating and paying close attention to the flowers and their choice, that surrounds the lucky pair during the wedding day will only improve the mood of happiness and create beautiful memories for both you and your guests.


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