Beautiful and Bright Summer Flowers for Birthday Celebrations

This stunning flower arrangement includes roses, lilies and gerbera daisies in bright bold colors will brighten any day! Here at City Florist and Gift Shop we give you some ideas for Birthday Celebrations during summer season.

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Birthdays are meant to be celebrated. And any celebration is incomplete without flowers. When you have a summer birthday to celebrate, it’s best to choose seasonal flowers for the occasion. Firstly, they are easily available. secondly, seasonal flowers are more affordable than out-of-season ones. Plus, it perfectly captures the mood and tone of the nature.

Here are some beautiful summer flowers perfect for birthdays:

1. Dahlia

Dahlias are one of the earliest flowers that start blooming as spring season comes to an end. These big, bright, and showy summer flowers have numerous types, and they vary in color and size a lot. Dahlias have a wide range of variety in colors and are available in almost any color imaginable. Making a bouquet with Dahlia will be an excellent birthday gift in summer.

2. Daisy

White daisies with yellow center is one of the most popular choices for birthday flowers all year round. And since daisies bloom in summer, it is especially suitable for summer birthdays. Daisies symbolize purity and innocence, and they are often associated with children. So, if it’s a child’s birthday, it will be even more suitable to offer a bunch of daisies for his/her birthday.

3. Hydrangea

Hydrangeas are perennial flowers that bloom during summer. These amazingly pretty flowers that grow in clusters come in a variety of colors. The most commonly available hydrangea colors are pink, blue, white, and purple. Hydrangeas signify honor, love, and respect. So, it will be suitable to gift hydrangea to show respect and loyalty towards them. For Hemet CA flower delivery, you can order online from City Florist and Gift Shop or visit our flower store in Hemet CA, and receive doorstep delivery on time.

4. Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera daisies are happy flowers that are one of the most popular blooms in summer. Like daisies, they are also associated with babies- not just normal babies, but smiling and laughing ones. Gerberas are the icon of happiness, love, joy, optimism, and everything bright in life. You really don’t have to look for a reason to gift someone Gerberas. But being someone’s birthday is an even special reason to offer a bunch of these vibrant blooms.

5. Iris

Stunning looks and intoxicating fragrance- that’s how you describe these beauties of nature. Iris flowers have a succulent blue or purple hue that is very rare among flowers. Iris flowers are perfect for birthdays as they symbolize hope and happiness. They also stand for faithfulness, wisdom, courage, and regality. All in all, these summer flowers make a birthday bouquet really special with their presence.

6. Lily

Lilies are one of the most popular flowers in the world and are easily available in Hemet CA flower shops. Lilies have hundreds of subspecies and most of them bloom in the summer. As it is the characteristic of most summer blooms, you get to see a plethora of colors, patterns, and shapes amongst the different species of lily flowers. Lily flowers represent love, affection, femininity and fertility. so, it’s a great gift for your mother or who hold a motherly place in your life.

So, which ones of these awesome summer flowers are you buying next for birthdays? Let us know! And to get birthday flower delivery in Hemet CA, order online from City Florist and Gift Shop. Happy Celebrating!

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